1962 Spitfire 4 Brochure (UK)


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As far as I know, this is the very first Triumph Spitfire sales brochure. It was published in 1962, the year in which the Spitfire 4 came on the market. And what an excellent year it was. (116 KB)
The brochure is in landscape format and this is its center spread, which was a pig to scan (in 3 parts) and stick together again. I also cloned out the fold as much as I could. Very nice picture, though - very period. (161 KB)
This fold-out page extols the many technical virtues of the new Spitfire, like the front disc brakes, the ridiculously small turning circle of only 24ft. (7.3m) and the all-independent suspension. (169 KB)
Through a cunning design with oval holes in the foldout, the other side manages to bang on about exactly the same virtues, but now with colour pictures. It also mentions 'the detachable windscreen (for sportsmen)' as a selling point. Ah, how delightfully sexist the 60's could be. (136 KB)
If you're not an enthusiast, this is not for you, for this page contains 'All the facts the enthusiast ought to know'.
Optional extras were a heater-demister, Tonneau cover, 4-ply radial whitewall tyres and a laminated windscreen. (167 KB)