1967 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 Brochure (NL)


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Front page Front page showing one of the most famous Spitfire advertising pictures. The girl is bored to death and the men have only eyes for the exciting new 1296cc. engine under the bonnet. Small wonder, since the girl is kinda... ugly. (141 KB)
Page 2 - engine Page 2 - shockingly bad translation, but a nice picture of the engine bay. (133 KB)
Page 3 - Front of car Page 3 - extolling the virtues of the raised front bumper, which was only raised to meet Amurrican safety regulations. Even the rubber inlays in the overriders are hailed as a brilliant safety feature. (98 KB)
Page 4 - Chassis Page 4 - "Proven at Le Mans!" it says. Indeed, some highly tuned Spitfires came first and second in their class in the 1965 Le Mans race. This page shows the right hand side of the simple but effective Spitfire chassis, derived from the Triumph Herald chassis. (104 KB)
Page 5 - better brakes Page 5 - Better front brakes and still that ridiculously small turning circle. Smaller than any other production car since; even a London taxi can't touch it. (109 KB)
Page 2 - hood and interior Page 6 - The Mk3 had a markedly improved hood compared to the build-it-yourself contraptions of the Spitfire 4 and Mk2. (137 KB)
Page 3 - More new things Page 7 - NEW! Two reversing lights, a walnut dash and a steering wheel with chromed spokes. Aaah, bliss. (119 KB)
Page 8 - tech specs Back page - Here are the technical specs. The only available options were a Laycock de Normanville overdrive, wire wheels and a hardtop. (191 KB)