1972 Spitfire MkIV brochure (US/Canada)


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Front cover of the 1972 Spitfire MkIV brochure for the North American markets. Note front and rear side repeater lights, which were unique to the North American markets.
As you can see, our copy is not in pristine condition, but it'll have to do.
Inside cover of the brochure. Only the MkIV had stainless steel rear end trim. The rear trim strips on Spitfire 1500's were all black.
Note that the rear light panel is all black. This seems to have been unique to US-market MkIV Spitfires of only certain years - maybe even only this year, we don't know (yet).
Lots of marketing babble over a nice sunset picture of the type that is found in many of the later Triumps Spitfire brochures. The text rambles on about such intricate details as the "seven-blade polypropylene radiator fan" and the "chrome-rimmed concave tail section".
At this point, it would be easy for me to make some cheap jokes about 'good ole boys on the ranch' and things like that, but I won't. I'll just let the picture speak for itself for a change.

Warning for the bandwidth-challenged: big pic ahead.

A page with just pictures, showing the weedy, single Zenith-Stromberg carburettor with which all of the later American-market Spitfires were equipped, the black plastic dashboard and that "seven-blade polypropylene radiator fan".
Note also the seventies-fantastic striping, which does an excellent job of ruining the nice, Michelotti designed shape of the car. Hmmm, lovely!
This page contains yet more marketing babble in the left hand column (in case the pictures on the previous page weren't clear enough), but also the ever-important technical specs.
Another day of shooting over, another sunset. Let's park the car in a field and take a final, long-exposure picture to go on the back of next year's brochure. Yeah, that's it.

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