1975 Triumph Spitfire Colour Brochure (UK)


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Front page Front page of 1975 colour brochure. Nice car - shame about the weather. The car has been carefully cleaned for the picture, but rain droplets on the rear PVC window can clearly be seen. (101 KB)
Page 2 Page 2 - Robert Redford's uglier brother drove a Spitfire. He liked to be photographed with it from all angles. (119 KB)
Page 3 - engine Page 3 - Leyland had very little imagination, as they're still on about "gives you more urge for living", just like last year.
But look at that gorgeous engine! Innit beautiful? Note to American websurfers: original Euro Spits were all delivered with twin SU carburettors. (128 KB)
Page 4 - let's go ballooning! Page 4 - ah, the joys of the open road. And the weather has improved enough to go ballooning! (117 KB)
Page 5 - engineering refinements Page 5 - "With all these engineering refinements, the Spitfire takes your sports car motoring to new heights". Sure, but ballooning is fun, too. (132 KB)
Page 6 - Back on the road again, carefully avoiding contact with the Armco. We're an active lot, let's do some archery! (137 KB)
Page 7 - "Rain or shine, the Spitfire gives you more fun and enjoyment per mile and per than anything else on wheels". Still true today. (156 KB)
Page 8 - The inviting Spitfire cockpit. Note that UK market Spits did not yet have a brake warning light. (130 KB)
Page 9 - In 1975, you could order your Spitfire with an optional map reading lamp. Compare this aluminium-spoked steering wheel with the later all-pastic affair. (139 KB)
Page 10 - Dimensions and specs. (156 KB)
Page 11 - More specs. "These do not apply in North America, particularly the continental U.S.A., or to U.S. overseas states or terrritories". Indeed, we kept the best specced cars for ourselves. (175 KB)
Back page - It's been great taking all these pictures. Let's call it a day and return to Coventry. We'll clean the car tomorrow so it can still be sold, OK? (97 KB)