1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 brochure (US)


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'Front cover' of one of the most remarkable Triumph Spitfire brochures we've ever come across. It's just one huge piece of paper, with no staples in it, and what you see here isn't really all of the front cover. Read on...
The brochure is folded into three parts. When you unfold it, you get this. As you can see, the left hand third part is the cover. Anoraks take note: The wheel rims on the car were unique to 1976 US market Spitfires. Not many people know that.
But that's not all! If you looked very closely at the full-size version of the previous scan, you may have noticed that there was a slight horizontal division just below the door handle. That's because you can also unfold the upper part of the brochure, which reveals a topless Spitfire, some extra pictures and marketing babble and two less warmly dressed (and slightly happier looking) human models.
Digitising this pic took ten A4-sized scans (indicating the sheer size of the brochure), lots of re-merging and a long time cloning out most of the fold lines.
This is the left hand third of the back of this brochure. Look at that lovely body in white! Doesn't it contrast nicely with the brown pavement? And of course, there's that bird pulling insinuation again...
The centre third of the back of the brochure. There's a girl in hot pants, no less, talking to a young male Spitfire owner which she is no doubt going to have a roll in the hay with any moment now.
Right hand and final third of the back of the brochure. It's the old racing trump card again, along with the ever-interesting technical specifications.

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