Circa 1978 Dutch Triumph Spitfire Brochure


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Front page of circa 1978 Triumph Spitfire brochure in Dutch language. All pictures were taken in Italy.
Strange obscurity: there is also a Belgian/Flemish version, the text of which is exactly the same, but all the pictures are deliberately very slightly different. Slightly different model stance, hand positions, that sort of thing. Please mail me if you know why this was done. (100 KB)
Page 2 - Triumph Spitfires were often marketed as bird pulling accessories. And why not? (143 KB)
Page 3 - The MkIV and 1500 Spitfires had one of the best looking hardtops ever. (128 KB)
Page 4 - I wonder, do Spitfire owners go to church often? Do they have time for that? (130 KB)
Page 5 - By this time, an intermediate type of steering wheel was offered. Still with aluminium spokes, thicker rim, but not as nicely classic-looking as the early ones. (133 KB)
Page 6 - on this picture, printed across two pages, the left page is taken up by a group of partying Italians. So I only scanned the much more interesting right page. (97 KB)