1980 Triumph Spitfire Colour Brochure (UK)


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80spit01s.jpg - front page Front page of 1980 Triumph Spitfire colour brochure. Last year of Spitfire production. (143 KB)
80spit02s.jpg - two Spits on the farm Page 2 - Mucking about on the farm with some Triumph Spitfires. (135 KB)
80spit05s.jpg - driving through the valleys Page 3 - It's a typically British dreary day, perfect for driving along the valley roads in Triumph Spitfires. (128 KB)
80spit03s.jpg Page 4 - Our snobby friend in his (rented) helicopter is just about to land. (103 KB)
80spit06s.jpg - HUGE boot/trunk Page 5 - "Look what I found in the HUGE boot/trunk of this Triumph Spitfire!" (129 KB)
80spit07s.jpg - interior shot Page 6 - Original brown houndstooth patterned brushed nylon fabric. Accept no substitute - your bum deserves it! (100 KB)
80spit08s.jpg - dashboard Page 7 - According to the technical specs, this is a 'fine, walnut veneered fascia'. In reality, it was a fine piece of buffed up plywood, but never mind. (116 KB)
80spit04s.jpg - problem: two Spits and five people Page 8 - The chopper has landed, but nobody is looking at it. "Look at the Spitfires - don't they look great?" But how are five of us going to fit in two Triumph Spitfires? (124 KB)
80spit09s.jpg Page 9 - In the mean time, back in the valley, the typically British dreary day turns nasty. "Let me help you with this top, dear". (128 KB)
80spit10s.jpg - dimensions Page 10 - Dimensions.
In the UK, you were offered extensive breakdown insurance with your brand new Spitfire. Clever marketing. (46 KB)
80spit11s.jpg - tech specs Page 11 - Technical Specs. Overdrive is the only optional extra - no mention of the hard top, even though it's in the pictures. (62 KB)
80spit12s.jpg - back cover Back page - late UK Spits came with twin rear foglamps! (11 KB)