Triumph Spitfire MkIV Flemish Brochure


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brochurepics/belgianmkiv01s.jpg - Front page Front page of an early Belgian brochure for the MkIV Spitfire. The text is in Flemish, which is a peculiar sort of Dutch. The exact year of this brochure is hard to ascertain, as there is no relevant information in the small print. It is not for the last year of MkIV production, as by that time it had a 1500 front spoiler. (147 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv02-03s.jpg - First spread First 2-page spread. Clearly, this brochure has a beach theme. How you're ever going to get thow two surfboards into one Spitfire is beyond me, but never mind - it's a nice girl. (223 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv04-05s.jpg - Second spread Second 2-page spread. Triumph were very proud of their new rear swing spring and this picture served to show that the problem of rear wheel tuck under during sharp cornering had been overcome. Good thing, too. Pity they went over the top by ploughing up the whole beach. (199 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv06-07s.jpg - Third spread Third 2-page spread. All this ploughing up the beach has tired out the models. They sit down for a rest and a romantic picture. (142 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv08s.jpg - Page 8 Look at this: black plastic dashboard, early steering wheel (as seen on late MkIII's) and red upholstery. I can't remember ever having seen a MkIV with original red upholstery, but there you go, it was obviously available. (98 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv09s.jpg - Page 9 This is clearly a high-budget brochure. They made two white cars available for it, with red and tan upholstery. European MkIV's came without headrests. (105 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv10s.jpg - Page 10 We're down to the boring factual stuff now. Views from all sides, look under the bonnet, tech specs, that sort of thing. Strangely, it says "Specifications" here, where it should say "Specificaties". The bits that did get translated are a bit weird, too. (175 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv11s.jpg - Page 11 More boring factual stuff. There's the famous back axle, with the new swing spring. No comments about it in the text, though. (140 KB)
brochurepics/belgianmkiv12s.jpg - Back Page Back page. Evocative shot of Spitfire driving off into the sunset. Life is good - expecially if you have a Triumph Spitfire. (111 KB)