Late US-market Colour Brochure


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Front cover of one of the most terrible Triumph Spitfire sales brochures ever. The reasonably good photogpraphy is completely eclipsed by these two 'beautiful people' you see here, who will act childishly throughout the next twelve pages. Prepare to be disgusted. You can still click away now.
Two page spread with nice picture of a not-so-nice Spitfire. It's got heavy, plastic bumpers, which in my opinion do not suit the car at all. Besides, these late cars were slow, to the point of being lethargic.
Then there is the conversation between the two occupants of the car, which is too boring to comment on. Yuck.
Another spread - good photography, but the same people saying the same stupid sort of things. Look at that HUGE rear bumper: it's almost as if the rear of the car is sunk into it!
And yet another spread. Here's where this brochure is clever: if you fold out the right hand page, the bonnet ('hood' in US-speak) is open, and if you fold it in, it's closed! That's about all that's noteworhty here - those people in the picture really get on my nerves.
See? Here the right hand page is folded in and the bonnet/hood is closed, so you can't see how the engine is strangled by that single Zenith-Stromberg carb and the emissions control equipment. The people in the picture are, er... could somebody get me a bucket, please?
So now they're going to throw their 'sportscar' about. Looks dead serious, too - they're even wearing helmets. I was hoping they would have to concentrate and forget about talking stupid, but alas, no such luck. I'm getting really sick now...
Oh look, they've won the race and everybody's happy for them. Where's that bucket? Hurry up!
Phew, some much-needed relief in the form of cold, hard facts about the car, its interior, brakes, dashboard and roof.
Ah, that's better, just the good old technical specifications on this page.
All in all, I find this a truly disappointing, nay utterly disgusting marketing effort. It's an all-time low which, somehow, in a twisted sort of way, seems befitting to the sad swansong of the Triumph Spitfire in the US. I do wish they'd have tried just a bit harder though, this infantile stupidity is just beyond words.

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