Late Canadian Spitfire 1500 brochure


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Canadians had a right to Triumph Spitfires, too, so they also got sales brochures. Like this one, which was produced especially for the Canadian market. It shows a late Spitfire 1500, with ugly plastic bumpers and gaudy side striping which was a typical dealer-installed accessory for North American markets.
The Triumph Spitfire was almost always marketed as a bird pulling tool and this brochure is no exception. Note the ugly plastic bumper, unique to late, North American market Spitfires. The pebble beach in the picture looks suspiciously like the beaches of Southern England...
The text with this picture compares the battle of Britain with battles on the racing circuit, in which the Triumph Spitfire wasn't entirely unsuccessful. By the time this brochure came out though, that was all a long time ago.
Just visible at the left bottom of this scan is the text 'certain items are optional at extra cost'. It doesn't say what items, but we can be fairly certain those 'tasteful' go-faster stripes down the sides of the car weren't standard.
A very condensed version fo the technical specifications. Noteworthy items here: a mix of metric and imperial measurements and a 1 year warranty that only went as far as 20,000 km's.

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