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Below is the largest online collection of original Triumph Spitfire sales literature. We acquired most of the originals at various rallies and exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

1962 Triumph Spitfire 4 sales brochure

1962 Spitfire 4 sales brochure

As far as we know, the first Triumph Spitfire sales brochure ever. contains a very nice center spread. Five scans.

1962 Spitfire 4 sales brochure (US)

Very early, single page colour leaflet for the North American market. Nice car, nice pictures.
Early Triumph Spitfire MkIII Dutch Brochure

1967 Spitfire Mk3 Brochure (NL)

A very early Mk3 Spitfire sales brochure in Dutch. With famous picture on the front, and bad translation throughout. Eight pages.
1969 North American Spitfire Mk3 sales brochure

1969 Spitfire Mk3 Brochure (US/Canada)

A long and thin brochure for the North American market, promoting the 1969 Triumph Spitfire Mk3. Twelve pages.

1970 Mk3 colour sales brochure

This year, the Mk3 had new wide 4.5J rims, black-for-drama grille and windscreen surround and - wait for it - new, neat and attractive badges! Lovely girl, though. Eight scans.

1971 MkIV colour sales leaflet (US)

Just a single leaflet, promoting the new Triumph Spitfire MkIV on the North American market. Two pages and two scans.

1972 MkIV sales brochure for the US and Canada

A brochure made for the North American market. Good photography, but not a lot of in-depth information. Eight pages on seven scans.
1973 Triumph Spitfire MkIV sales brochure

1973 MkIV sales brochure

Wild 70's colours outside, but tasteful pictures within. Twelve pages - ten scans.
Triumph Spitfire MkIV Flemish Brochure

Spitfire MkIV Flemish Brochure

This is probably another translated UK brochure. Twelve pages, nine scans.
1974 Triumph Spitfire 1500 brochure (US)

1974 Spitfire 1500 brochure (US)

Due to emissions regulations strangling the old 1300cc engine, the Triumph Spitfire was available with a 1500cc engine in the US almost a full year ahead of other markets. Twelve pages and seven scans.
1974 Triumph Spitfire B/W Brochure (UK)

1974 B/W Brochure (UK)

Very early British brochure in black and white. Simple, informative. Four pages, four scans.
1974 Triumph Spitfire B/W Brochure (NL)

1974 B/W Brochure in Dutch

The same early 1500 brochure in black and white, but translated almost literally to Dutch. Also four pages, four scans.
1975 Triumph Spitfire Colour Brochure (UK)

1975 Colour Brochure (UK)

Very nice early British brochure for the Spitfire 1500, this time in colour. Lots of photograps and plenty of marketing blurb. Twelve pages and twelve scans.

1975 US sales brochure

Lots of marketing babble, little useful information, lovely girl in the pictures, but even prettier car. Eight pages and seven scans.
1976 Triumph Spitfire brochure (US)

1976 US sales brochure

This is one of the most remarklable Triumph Spitfire brochures we've come across. It's just a single piece of paper, but there's a lot more to it than you think. It certainly took a lot of work to put this one on-line.

Four 'different' 1976-1977 Dutch and Flemish brochures

At first glance, these four brochures may look the same, but there are subtle and remarkable differences. They're for different cars!
Note: German- and Italian-language versions of these brochures also exist.

1977 Dutch leaflet

While the Spitfire at times also had its own Dutch market brochure, in 1977 there was only a simple colour leaflet. Picture on one side, information on the other.
Thanks go to Jasper van Zanten, who sent us scans of this leaflet. We have also seen a French version of this leaflet
1977 German brochure

1977 German brochure

This seems to be a uniquely German production. We have never seen it in another language.
Thanks to Michael Walk, who sent us the scans before we found a copy ourselves.
1980 Triumph Spitfire Colour Brochure (UK)

1980 Colour Brochure (UK)

In the last year of Spitfire production, British Leyland splashed out on one of the nicest brochures in the series. Good, professional photography on a dreary day. This is the most abundantly available brochure today. Twelve pages and scans.

Late Canadian sales bochure

A late Canadian sales Brochure for the Canadian market. Only four pages, but still a nice brochure.

Late US-market sales bochure

WARNING - this is the most terrible Triumph Spitfire sales brochures ever produced. It is infantile, insulting the reader's intelligence and generally stupid. If you are easily disgusted, do not go here.
Bonus picture of half-naked Spitfire

Bonus picture of half-naked Spitfire

Transparent view of late Spitfire MkIV, with 1500 front spoiler and bolt-on wire wheels. Showing all the oily bits - yummy! (178 KB)