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My great love?

The question is always: "What is my great love?" Most men have to choose between a girl and a car. I have to choose between a 1979 Triumph Spitfire, a 1967 Volvo Amazon and my girl. I love the Spitfire in summer, the Amazon in spring and autumn, and my girl throughout the year.
And she loves our Volvo Amazon too ...

Every man goes through a some sort of a mid-life crisis. I thought of buying a motorcycle. After 20 lessons I failed my exam; so I developed alternative.
I knew Eric and his Spitfire already and decided to buy a convertible. Together we looked at several cars, an MG Midget, MX5's, Jaguars ... But after a few weeks we encountered a beautiful and lovely red Spitfire in the northern part of Holland.

The meeting .
My Triumph Spitfire 1500 (1979, a "late 1500") was original delivered to Belgium, and painted brown. In 1982 is was imported into Holland. This Spitfire is in perfect shape and fairly mint condition. I made a few improvements over the last few years: a Moto-lita steering wheel, overdrive, halogen headlamps, a map-light, a new dashboard with an oil-pressure gauge and a clock. The rear transverse leaf spring was also overhauled, with new pads. We tried to improve the brakes, but my daily driver still outperforms it...

There are just a few more things to improve: I already have new chrome door handles and locks en new upholstery; all this only needs attaching to the car. I'm still looking for an original Triumph (Britsh Leyland) radio. If you have one (in good, working condition) and you want to sell it, please e-mail me.

The International Spitfire Weekend

I have a Triumph Spitfire for driving. Not only in summer; not only in sunny weather. Returning from one of the annual International Triumph Spitfire Weekends, I once drove in the rain, hood down (but with a half-closed tonneau) on the Dutch highway.
And as long a you keep driving, you stay reasonably dry ...
Another time, begin of January, it was sunny, freezing and no salt on the road.

I love to drive with my Spitfire together with other cars. Of course I prefer other Spitfires (like Eric's), but other cars are welcome too. Almost every year I visit the International Triumph Spitfire Weekend (ISW), organised by the Dutch Spitfire Club.

And at the end; No, I don't want to sell my Triumph Spitfire!