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Being Triumph Spitfire enthusiasts, we read a number of magazines about (classic) cars in general and the Triumph Spitfire in particular. On this page are some of the magazines we read regularly. Not only about Spitfires, but also about other Triumphs and cars in general.
Since we are both Dutchmen we also read Dutch magazines. Below you'll find English and Dutch magazines, club magazines, Spitfire magazines, Triumph magazines and car magazines.

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The Spitfire
Compulsory reading for Dutch Triumph Spitfire owners.
This is the club magazine of the Dutch Triumph Spitfire club . Six issues a year.
Format is A5, mostly 70 pages in colour. Dutch language; but it sometimes contains English articles.
Of course lots of club meetings reports, but also pictures and often one or two technical articles.
More information at www.spitfire.nl .
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Another Dutch club magazine, of the Club Triumph Holland www.triumph.nl . They write about Spitfires, but also the pre-war Triumphs, the Gloria, and of course the TR2-8. The same policy as 'The Spitfire': many reports clubmeetings and every now and then a technical article. Six issues anually of about 50 pages each.

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The club magazine of the English Triumph Sports Six Club www.tssc.org.uk - the largest Triumph club in the world. The Triumph Sports Six Club is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, with its primary aims including the promotion, preservation and restoration of all Herald chassis and Standard Triumph based vehicles, including associated chassis and mechanicals based Specials - which also include the amphibious Amphicar. A beautiful magazine; 12 times a year, 100 bound pages.

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A commercial British magazine, but a good one! The publisher www.chp.ltd.uk also produces magazines about MG, Porsche and others.
Articles all Triumph cars, from the pre-war to the BMW Z3 (?) Good articles, many restoration reports, nice pictures, beautiful cars.
12 times a year, mostly about 90 pages.

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An American magazine, comparable to Triumph World (it seems both magazines exchange articles), but with an American style and focus. The Americans like to take their Triumphs racing, so there's a fair bit of attention spent on racing projects, but also Heralds and Vitesses. It does carry some adverts for rather shocking boy-racer accessories, like humongous rear wings and such, but those do not detract from the ever-improving quality of the editorial content. The publisher has a nice website at www.triumphspitfire.com , from which you can download issues 1 and 2.
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Practical Classics is an English full-colour magazine on classic cars from all ages, but mainly about fairly recent and above all affordable classics (like Triumph Spitfires). It's written in a very entertaining, often witty style. Good information, too, with regular features on general maintenance and complete, step-by-step restoration articles. Published thirteen times a year, now approaching 200 pages per issue. Practical classics has been Eric's favourite bedside reading material for years now.
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The Automobile is for veteran and vintage car enthusiasts, ie. pre-1960 only. Eric buys a copy every now and then when he comes across it and drools over the completely inaffordable Lagondas, SS's, and other pre-war exotica.